Maine Cabin Masters is a total family binge watch. The creative and down to earth crew are made up of: Chase Morrill, his sister, Ashley, her husband Ryan, Jedi and Dixie. The mission of Maine Cabin Masters is to remodel Maine cabins, have a great time doing it and to bring us along for the ride. Catch Maine Cabin Masters Monday nights at 9pm on the DIY Network.

Maine Cabin Masters has brought Maine humor, the Maine work ethic, our rustic aesthetic and love of family and dogs to the rest of the world, and I mean that quite literally.

I'll let them tell you about it. Here is a very special episode of Mystery Happy Hour Zoom with the Captain and Celeste and Maine Cabin Masters:


Thanks, Doug! We love meeting Loyal Listeners, and the fact that they played the Cosmic Muffin during school announcements at Doug's school just warms my heart. That was a cool share, and it was lovely to remember the Muffin. I gave my time with this crew a ten.

I was lucky enough to take part in the filming of a Maine Cabin Masters episode last summer at a working oyster farm in Edgecomb. They re-did the old oyster shack with a tight budget, and there was still snow on the ground when they started the project. I was there for the reveal and it was such a blast. We ended the day with delicious oysters fresh from the river. You can watch that episode, (Season 2/Episode 7) and more of 'em at

I can't wait to shop the MCM retail store in Manchester, Maine. In the meantime, check out some cool Maine Cabin Masters stuff You can be sure that when their retail store opens, I'll be there and you'll know all about it. Stay tuned...

And now for your viewing pleasure, MCM out takes:




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