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It Was So Good to Hear Mainers Laugh When We Told This Dirty Joke
These days we just need a good laugh. Nothing heavy or with deep social meaning. Sometimes you just need to hear a filthy, filthy, dirty joke. And that's exactly what we did this morning. Now, the punchline is wayyyyy to dirty to say on the air so we had listeners call in to the studio to hear …
Do You Remember This Awesome Blimp TV Commerical?
We've made some pretty kick-ass TV commercials over our 45-year history, but none more fun that one we ran with the "Rock You Live On" theme. The ad features the Captain and Celeste, AC/DC and a guy getting ready for work. Put that all together and you've what the Blimp is all ab…
What Happens When Mainers Hear This Dirty Joke Punchline
The Captain and Celeste told the setup of a really dirty joke this morning. Listeners had to call in to get the punchline. Then we edited out the joke and just played the hilarious reactions from our listeners. We got HUNDREDS of calls and Tommy and Guru are STILL getting them!
This Is Why You Don't Buy A Bargain DNA Test Kit
Did you hear the story this week about the lady who did one of those DNA tests and found out that her real father was her parents' FERTILITY DOCTOR?! Wow, that's service above and beyond. Celeste wants to do some searching on her ancestry and just bought a DNA test kit off of Groupon. She …

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