Okay so I guess you could say I'm ready for Season 6 of my favorite TV show. I watched the sneak peek that aired first last week, 3 or 4 times already. This was of course after I finally discovered that you could watch it for free on the DIY app. (Unfortunately, the DIY channel isn't on the YouTube TV lineup and that's what we use at our house.)

Pretty cool that I could get the new episode on the app, though. Just set the ol' IPhone on screen mirror, send it to the TV in the living room and I was back. Woo, hoo!

It was so good to have our sweet friends back on the screen doing their magic for a family camp in Oakland. The Cabin Masters even spiffed with gym flooring reused from athletic facilities at Colby College. So cool!

Anyway if you are as big a fan of the show as we are, you must be wicked hungry for the new season. Word is, that'll start in January. The Maine Cabin Masters released a couple of very cool things for fans this week and we wanted to make sure you saw them.

First up, they did a fancy photo shoot earlier this year and now here comes the new cast photos for the upcoming 2021 season.

Doesn't looking at those beautiful new shots just make you feel wicked awesome or what? These wonderful people bring so much positivity to the world.

The second cool thing that they released this week was a 'First Look' to give us even more of a peek into what to expect on Season 6.


We can't wait for next month! In the meantime, we'll be binge-watching past episodes that magically never get old.

If you are new to Maine Cabin Masters, here's a quick background. The show stars Chase Morrill, his sister, Ashley Eldridge, and her husband Ryan Eldridge along with Jedi and Dixie. They are all dyed-in-the-wool, down-to-earth, dog-loving Mainers just like us. All of them have beards, except for Ashley.

The Maine Cabin Masters expertly renovate Maine cabins into amazing new leisurely living spaces. They always have a blast doing it. It is so great to see the Maine work ethic and play ethic represented so authentically on national television.

Episodes air Monday nights at on DIY.

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