rusty muffler

Maine weather is rough on all of us, and unfortunately our vehicles succumb to the elements as well! It's not enough that I have to slather on Oil of Olay SPF 15 on my face every morning to moisturize against cold and wind in the winter, and as a sunscreen during the summer, but my SUV could use some protection too! I drove around with this blown out muffler for at least a month until Mark and my brother Billy had a chance to replace it. It was SO embarrassing! I sounded like I was looking for a drag race. I got a thumbs up from a high school kid once. I'm sure he thought that I was being purposely bad ass, when in reality I'm just too cheap to pay to have a non-family member fix it. I started noticing other loud cars and realized that it's just a way of life here. A lot of Mainers are driving around with loud mufflers, screeching belts, knocking sounds, rattling parts and taped up windows. Don't get me started on the things that need to be fixed on my truck that aren't loud. The muffler got fixed because it was embarrassing me, but I have 6 C.D.'s stuck in my disc changer. I've had no access to my Steel Panther C.D. for 3 years!

What is wrong with your vehicle that you have just learned to live with? Any plans to replace that missing hubcap? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #blownmuffler