Send summer visitors home with some very cool, local momentos from the Maine Etsy shop, TBarGlass. Taylor Baringer from South Portland, offers up these Belfast Bay Beer glasses that are so much cooler than anything else that I have in my kitchen right now!


Moxie bottle shot glasses?! You bet!

Here's the listing for a must-have 'upta camp!

"Hand cut, hand polished Moxie soda bottle shot glass made from the necks of the bottle. Listing is for one shot glass! Please note that shipping will be the same for one or two shot glasses, more than that will be higher shipping costs.

Each cap is screwed back on securely and checked to make sure it holds liquid. The labels are coated with a non-toxic sealer to help hold up through washes. I do recommend to hand wash only please, as putting it through a dishwasher can still ruin the label! This shot glass holds just over 1oz.

All bottles are cut, then meticulously sanded to rid of any imperfections in the edge. Once sanded We go through a three part polishing process to ensure that each bottle is not only perfectly safe to touch, but looks great as well!"

There's even a G-String soy candle available from our friends at Funky Bow Brewery!

Go to and type in Made in Maine to see more fabulously funky Mainer shops!