Our friends at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland have shared another incredibly adorable goat video to bring us some calm in an often stressful world.

Fall is a great time of year for these wonderful critters to enjoy some treats while at the same time cleaning up the barnyard.

The treats they are getting access to this time are sunflowers the have gone by.

As soon as one their caretakers took part of the fence down so they could get at them, the goats started chowing down like a bunch of stoners on a bowl of Doritos.

Here's more goat knowledge on the latest wicked fun video from the Sunflower Farm YouTube Channel.

"Fall might be the goats' favorite time of year. For starters, we finally let them in the sunflower patch and let them everything all up! They try to reach the flowers all summer over the fence so they are elated when Chris finally lets them in to munch to their heart's content. They also happily eat all the new second cut hay we bring home in late August, enjoy the fall leaves like they are potato chips and as usual look forward to grain with alfalfa and black oil sunflower seeds to help bulk them up before breeding since they have worked so hard taking care of kids over the spring and summer. We have switched to every other day milking as we dry them off for the buck's visit in Nov.-Dec. and all of us look forward to a couple months of hibernation."


My family finally made it up to Sunflower Farm this year to see the Nigerian Dwarf Goats in person.

The very welcoming owner, Hope was there too. She even let us get up close for milking session.

It's such a great place to bring the kids. We look forward to getting back there again someday soon, there's a very special peace being around and even getting to cuddle these gentle beasties.

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