Between the Zoom happy hours, days on end with nothing to do but binge watch T.V. and the widespread low-grade depression, it seems that many Americans are drinking their way though the pandemic.

When every day seems like the next and many of us have fewer responsibilities, the extra drinking might not seem like that big of a deal. Some may reason that nothing is going on that is memorable, or that we want to remember.

According to the, our country spent an average of 172 hours being drunk during the first eleven weeks of the pandemic. That is 7 days and 4 hours of being hammered, folks.

The A.A.C. polled 3,000 people, and wow, the average person has spent a week of their life drooling on the couch in a Fireball daze watching "The Witcher". You might have to re-watch some of those episodes that you passed out during.

The Top Ten Drunkest States During Lockdown:

  1. Mild mannered South Dakota was tearing it up and they spent a whopping 468 hours sh*t faced. That's a quarter of the time we've spent in lockdown.
  2. New Mexico, 444 hours
  3. New Jersey, 375
  4. Montana, 339
  5. Colorado, 337
  6. Connecticut, 288
  7. Minnesota, 272
  8. Georgia, 261
  9. MAINE, 234 hours. That's almost ten days. Did I watch "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" Season Four? I don't remember...
  10. Mississippi, they kept pace with us at 234 hours.

It seems that while the rest of the country was baking loaves of bread and doing puzzles, Mainers were making less healthy decisions. Why? Is it lack of motivation to be productive? Are we more depressed? Do we just have wicked room mates who love beer pong?

Have you been drinking more or less during the pandemic? Comment on our Fan Page.

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