O.K., this guy isn’t from Maine, but he could be! Apparently when it comes to taking happy looking mugshots, Mainers are in the top 5. A new study analyzed over 30,000 mugshots through an app that studies and detects emotions and here are the top 5 states with the happiest looking mugshots:

  1. North Carolina
  2. Nevada
  3. Indiana
  4. Maine
  5. New York

Contributing to the delinquency of a minor was the crime most frequently associated with the smiling mugshot. The crime where the most people looked unhappy in their mugshot was cruelty to animals.

The states with the saddest looking mugshots are:

  1. West Virginia
  2. Montana
  3. Idaho
  4. Utah
  5. Oregon

I can’t imagine smiling for a mugshot. I would be bawling. People smiling in mugshots makes my skin crawl. What’s your take? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #whipethatsmileoffyourface


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