What are some of your favorite kinds of donuts?

Are you someone who likes chocolate, and therefore goes for a chocolate glaze or frosted donut? Do you instead prefer regular glaze, or a delicious strawberry frosted? What about jelly or Boston cream? Do you turn your nose up at them, or any kind of donut with filling, for that matter?

Of course, besides flavor, you also have to consider the overall donut presentation. Do you go for ones with colorful frosting designs and sprinkles, or are you not picky? Of course, seasonal donuts are a must for any donut enthusiast out there as well. You literally can't go wrong.

Whatever your preference, we all know that it's impossible to say no to a yummy donut. Or two. Or three. You get the idea.

Yes, you can easily go to your local grocery store if you're looking for the stereotypical box of powdered mini-donuts to curb a craving. But we all know that the ones that come straight from bakeries, cafes, and other similar establishments are really where it's at. So, where are some of these places?

We took to Facebook to ask you where to find some of the best donuts in New Hampshire, and received a flood of responses. So, without further ado, here are 16 of the best places to get donuts in the Granite State. Is your favorite spot on the list?

These Are 16 of the Best Donut Places in New Hampshire

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