Last year, the Maine Maple Producers Association (MMPA) and their member were forced to cancel the industry's biggest yearly event due to the pandemic.  But not this year. It's a go. And it's this weekend. Over 100 sugarhouses are set to participate. Get the list here.

There are a lot of people looking forward to this annual event held on the 4th Sunday of March.

"This event is critical to the success of many family businesses and producers in Maine. The 38th annual event will certainly look and feel a bit different due to the pandemic, but we're ready. We have found creative ways to celebrate the event in different ways. Since each sugar house is unique in size and capacity, producers are adjusting their hours and purchase options, including curbside pick-up and online ordering. It is important for visitors to plan ahead by checking or calling your local producers about their plans for the event," said Scott Dunn, president of the MMPA.

Great day, that's not just about selling you maple products. You can buy the products year round, even though maple syrup is only made in the spring. But this Sunday it's about education, the technology involved, and just good old fashioned friendship. It's no exaggeration that there are over 100 sugarhouses participating, and they are all over the state of Maine., contributing $27 million for the Maine economy, as they make more than 575,000 gallons of that delicious syrup yearly. You won't go back to what you find in the typical grocery store.

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