For the love of God, you're just trying to enjoy some sweet time in the great outdoors, right?

That's pretty tough to do when a swarm of teeny, weeny vampire incessantly buzzing around your dome.

Danielle Wadsworth is a funny mother from Norway. In the video we spotlighted, she demonstrates a rather unorthodox way to remedy the black fly problem.

Most of us have probably hung up a sticky strip to attract and catch flying pests in the kitchen or maybe out on the deck.

Well, Danielle heard about a hack to take it to the next level and make the protection from black flies more personal. So, she decided to give it try for herself.

However, she was wearing a favorite baseball cap with a patch shaped like our state on the front and didn't want to get it get it all gummed up from the adhesive fly catcher. Being an innovative Mainer, Danielle taped it to the button on top.

We imagine that scotch tape would be essentially harmless to the fabric but that crazy glue on the strip is not something you'd want on your special hat. It was a success as we see in video that a whole bunch of black flies got stuck.

Danielle did a follow-up video to show us how to add the strip to a hat he way she had originally learned. This time it was with one of her grandfather's old straw hats.

Thanks for showing us the prototypical fly catcher hat too. Now we wanna see you and you're awesome kids in another video that displays how effective this one is.

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