I came across an interesting article the other day, while perusing Al Gore's World Wide Web. It's all about America's favorite slang terms.

I was absolutely stoked, because who doesn't love a good phrase that everyone in the entire region enjoys overusing until you are blue in the face?

The article, which came from pop culture site Best Life, shared what they determined to be the most popular slang term from each state.

Of course, I immediately started scrolling to see what was selected for Maine. We have plenty of good ones to choose from. Just look at some of the contenders.

"You can't get there from heyah"
"Jeez, bub"
"Aint Much"
"Upta Camp"

Talk about a Murderer's Row of slang terms. Honestly, Maine is just swimming in wonderful sayings that truly give outsiders a glimpse into our fun and zany culture.

So which of these iconic terms did Best Life choose for Maine? Well, none of those. Instead, the site (for some reason) went with this:

"Get 'er done."

That. Is. Unfortunate.

This is quite possibly the worst representation of Maine in the history of life, and I'm including all those horrible Maine accents in movies.

Honestly, who in this state uses that term other than to emulate Larry the Cable Guy? And guess what? Larry the Cable Guy isn't exactly from Maine.

This term isn't even from north of the Mason-Dixon line. It was coined by a midwestern comedian (Larry the Cable Guy) who acts like he's from the Deep South. Last time I checked a map, Maine is not exactly the Deep South. Here, let me prove it to you.

Getty Images, Paint 3D
Getty Images, Paint 3D

You literally can't say "get 'er done" without using a southern accent. I dare you to try and say it in a Maine accent. You will sound like a dope.

This is simply an idiotic, lazy, ignorant, despicable, ridiculous, asinine, barbaric, downright pathetic representation of a Maine saying. It's like someone watched Larry the Cable Guy and was like, "You know, I bet they say that in Maine a lot."

We don't.

What a dreadful way for people to learn about Maine culture that simply does not exist.

Sometimes I just really hate the internet. Thanks a lot, Al Gore.

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