August is here and with it's arrival comes the deeply ingrained feeling for us Mainers that it's time to go to the fair.

I grew up going to the Windsor Fair close to my childhood home in Augusta. That one was located across from Bridge Construction where my father worked as the superintendent in the 1970s.

If we couldn't find a place to park in the fairground lot, no worries...Dad always had a backup space in his company's lot. Windsor Fair was where I first had Lee's famous fudge, saw my first harness racing, and got sick on my first Tilt A Whirl ride among many other firsts.

In the late 1970s, the next fair we went to was the Common Ground Country Fair, in Litchfield at the time. That one didn't have any amusement rides but you could try your luck at climbing a rope ladder. I always ended up landing on the hay stacks.

This was also where I was exposed to veggie and hummus sandwiches on whole wheat bread for the first time. My introduction to the back-to-nature hippie lifestyle was underway, one that has stuck with me to the present day.

We Mainers all have our own cherished memories of the yearly traditions of going to the fair. That's why it's likely that many of us are bummed that it's not going to happen in 2020 as we do our best to keep crowds from gathering.

One of our favorite local bands feels the same way. They are Flooded Cellar from Lovell and they've recently released a lighthearted new music video that laments over the reality that there'll be "No Fair" this year. They lovingly namecheck nearly all the fairs in Maine. We've got our fingers crossed for the 2021 season.


These guys get us because they are us. You might also remember we featured a Flooded Cellar music video a while back called Six Cords Shy of a Broken Back which hilariously laments the “seven month haul” that is winter in Maine. Just about 4 months away!

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