I stumbled upon something fantastic while scrolling on my phone today. It never fails to amaze me, that there is so much entertaining talent here in Maine. That being said, I'll always do my best to help get it out there.

Meet Andrew Doody of Westbrook. He is originally from Millinocket, but has been living in Southern Maine for the last 20 years. Andrew plays piano and saxophone. He's done that since elementary school.


Maybe you've seen him before. On the weekends when we're not in a friggin' pandemic, he co-runs a 10-piece event band called, Plush (previously known as The Bob Charest Band).

Over the years in the Portland area Andrew has played El Grande, The Grumps,  Travis Humphrey and a 90s cover band called Ice Cold Zima.

The video you are about to see was part of a holiday variety show, Blue's Annual Winter Wonderland with Colleen Clark and Friends. Normally Andrew and his pals get to play the the show in person with a live audience in Portland's Old Port. The event went virtual this season.


While it certainly wasn't the same this year, Andrew says, "Being able to whip this together last week for the event was a lot of fun." Wait till you see him solo on the EWI (electronic wind instrument), it's like a synth horn. So cool!

Watch the this incredible one-man band playing John and Yoko's Happy Xmas (War Is Over).

Let's never stop creating peace.

While we're here, let's enjoy the original recording with this new mix for 2020.

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