The Bangor Daily News reports that a daily Maine Newspaper will stop operations on October 12th after 135 years in business and after it was bought about a year and a half ago by the owners of the Portland Press Herald.

According to the article, an announcement from Masthead Maine CEO Lisa DeSisto, publisher of the Journal Tribune, let people know that it will close the newspaper and cease publication effective with the October 12th edition. The newspaper based in Biddeford began publishing on January 5th, 1884, the BDN stated, and at the time it was just a four-page broadsheet with six columns that cost 2 cents.

Her note to the employees of the paper cited a lack of profitability with declining subscribers and loss of advertisers as the main determination in closing the Journal Tribune. She went on to add in the article that the publication was unprofitable at the end of 2018 and they had set a goal to to turn it around in 2019. Although first quarter sales looked promising, Lisa said "it soon went upside down again,"

Lisa said this was not an easy choice to make. She is quoted in the Journal Tribune as saying, "It was a very difficult decision to close a paper with a history of publishing since 1884."

The closure will result in six people getting laid off.

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