With the coronavirus pandemic causing the shutdown of Maine schools, most high school seniors missed out on the typical senior year rites-of-passage.  Senior pranks, senior skip day, last chapel, and of course, prom.

According to WCSH 6, some parents in Bangor wanted to make sure their kids were able to take part in at least one of those experiences.

Thanks to their moms, Bangor High School seniors Allie Dearing and Ryan Cunningham had their own "patio prom".

They had their photos taken and a limo picked them up and drove them around town.  When they returned, they had a special dinner waiting for them.  Following that, there was some dancing.

Gushing about the couple, one of the moms said that they had worked very hard this year, that the closure of schools had been very difficult for them, and they (the parents) wanted to make sure they were able to take part in the prom experience.


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