I was talking to a friend the other day who lives off the beltway in Northern Virginia. He lives just a few miles from his office, yet is still in his car for over two hours a day.

Could you imagine having that existence? Stuck in gridlock, day in and day out, while your life is seemingly passing you by?

Thankfully, the worst traffic jam in Maine takes about 10 mins to deal with...unless we're talking about the disaster in Wiscasset, but that rant is for another day.

This is just one example of the advantages of living in an idyllic state; one that is free of, well, people.

Most of Maine is remote and spaced out perfectly, with easy access to life's necessities. Plus, you are never far away from a trail, mountain, lake, beach, park, or simple quiet spot.

Maine has minimal natural disasters, no native poisonous snakes or spiders, low crime numbers, and no major cities to pollute the area with smog, light, and sound. Almost the entire state has amazing views of the stars at night. It really is an oasis.

These examples are just some of the reasons why the state was recently named one of the most peaceful in America.

The lifestyle website Far and Wide put out a list of the most peaceful states, and wouldn't you know it, Maine blew away most of the competition.

Here is a little about why Far and Wide selected Maine as the second most peaceful state.

Quiet, beautiful and remote, Maine effortlessly exudes peace. The state is mostly rural, with lots of farmland as well as several state and national parks. A generous coastline is dotted with small historic towns decorated with sailboats and graced with gorgeous sunrises.

Maine was only beaten by its northern New England cousin, Vermont. The Green Mountain State took top honors, while New Hampshire made it a clean sweep for the Tri-state area, with a 3rd place finish on the list. I guess there's no denying where the most peaceful region of America is.

Other states that made the list can be found from all over. The most surprising? New Jersey. There is nothing peaceful about New Jersey. I don't care that there may be, like, one farm in the northwest corner of the state. It's still New Jersey.

Congratulations to Maine. Here's to hoping that peaceful way of life continues here for as long as possible.

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