Halloween is right around the corner. Maine has really leveled up its seasonal amazingness, and it is exciting to see all of the new decorations, entertainment, and costumes we have this year.

I love when others are inspired to create amazing works of art based on the seasons and holidays.

I was able to come across one Mainer who was inspired by something she saw and produced her own idea from!

Credit: J. Lynn Photography
Credit: J. Lynn Photography

Halloween is a time for all of us free spirits to really lets our flags fly. To transform into anything you want and not give a care in the world what others think .

She is J. Lynn Photography and is from Lewiston/Auburn. She took family photos for me once and she blew me away!

 According to her Facebook Business page, she is all about "capturing moments, creating artistic photos, and making lasting impressions."

This one photo shoot she posted certainly made an impression on me and so many others.

She took this trend of gathering a group of friends to dress as their favorite horror stars and produced an entire photo shoot. It is epic. The talent this photographer has is next level.


"I personally love Halloween and the fact you can dress up and be anyone you want. It's great," J Lynn told me. "I have always enjoyed scary movies, but getting to use photography (something I love) to play out some of the best classic horror film scenes really makes the season come alive for me and anyone else who takes part in the fun."

J Lynn noted that she's seen other photographers around the country take on this trend and she loves getting to make a horror movie but with photos.

"It's taking two things I love and sharing the fun with others. I really think more people should try it out, it's surprising how much of a good time it can be, unlike traditional photos you get to be someone completely different," she added.

It was hard to pick the photos I enjoyed the most so below check out a gallery of all of them.

Visit J. Lynn Photography for more info and to see more of her pics!

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