It really sucks when a business owner does something nice for the neighbors and some jerks just can't seem to play nice. Randall Anderson is the general manager of Doolin's Pub and The Meadows Golf Club in WBLM's original home of beautiful Litchfield, Maine.

He took to Facebook over the weekend with his buddy Paul, the superintendent of the golf course to let folks know that he is not happy. In fact, he's pissed. After making sure trails were marked on the golf course for snowmobiling, some riders who chose not to follow the rules have made a mess by ignoring the marked trails.

Now this video is spreading around letting neighbors know that the business is rightfully upset about it and would like the offenders to come forward. Since the video was posted on Saturday 2/23, it has received upwards of 20,000 views.

When we saw that somebody was disrespecting folks and property in our old hometown of Litchfield, we knew we needed to help get the word out.

Hopefully this video raises awareness and reminds snowmobilers to always respect the rules of the trails. Ride safe wherever you are!

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