Snowmobiling is absolutely one of the most popular activities to keep the winter season fun. Hopping on your rig and hitting the trails for a cruise through the Maine woods will often show you things that you don't see if you hibernate inside.

Riders never know what they might come across out there in the wilderness. Just ask these two dudes from Maine. They had a very rare, up close encounter with a young moose. The moose appears very friendly and even gives the windshield some licks...must be salty.

According to the description from YouTube user jeffa1978, this happened here in our state and was posted in 2013.

"We come upon a baby female moose on a sled trail in roxbury Maine and seemed to like us and my sled." SORRY FOR THE LANGUAGE".

And about the LANGUAGE, even if they hadn't told us this video was from Maine us natives would of figured out right quick. One of the snowmobilers in the video makes great use of the F word so we gotta warn that this is NSFW.

For example...

"He likes them fackin' ski dozahs pretty good."

No big deal, bub. Don't most of us talk like that?



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