Amazing Maine Animals

These Maine Bunnies Need A Loving Home
Maybe your home is the right fit to give these precious creatures the life they deserve. In the meantime, Cottontail Cottage Animal Sanctuary in Cherryfield will take excellent care of them.
Goats Chases Woman Down Maine Road [VIDEO]
You never know quite what to expect when you hear someone is being chased down the street. Was there a conflict and now someone is trying to get away? If the chaser catches up to chasee (we know, not a word) will there be an conflict?
You Gotta See These Magnificent Maine Moose Videos
Let's take a quick trip to the marshes up north and observe their majestic beauty. Even better, we don't have to put up with those pesky skeeters. The videos were posted after a Maine moose watching tour this past weekend by our friends at Moosehead Area Guide Service.

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