Let's face it, Maine's state bird stinks.

No offense to all you black-capped chickadee fans, but what has that dorky little loudmouth ever done to deserve the recognition it gets? The honor of being the state bird from the greatest state in the nation is just too important to give to some lame bird that has nothing going for it.

I mean, just look at this dork.

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Seriously, why the chickadee? I bet it's because we used to be part of that egregious state named Massachusetts, right? The chickadee is the Commonwealth's state bird as well. Apparently, Maine's inventors thought we were only as good as Massachusetts. Boy, how wrong they were.

What does a chickadee actually do that's unique? I'm going to assume very little. However, I can tell you everything that is wrong with it. Let's list off the many tragedies of the chickadee.

-They are ugly.
-They are small.
-They are annoyingly loud.
-They live for, like, three years.
-They eat caterpillars, so they hate butterflies.
-They eat from feeders that are primarily for prettier birds.
-They are on the worst license plate Maine has ever had.

What a disaster for the Mainers who actually care about what represents them. It might actually be the worst choice in the history of the United States.

Fortunately, it's not too late to fix this egregious error. Maine is loaded with better bird selections, like incredible birds of prey, waterfowl, and colorful beauties.

This is what led me to making the list below, where you'll find 20 birds that would all be better options than the boring, "has-been" chickadee.

20 Birds to Replace the Chickadee as Maine's State Bird

Let's face it, the chickadee stinks. Maine needs a new state bird. Here are 20 candidates to take the position.

Gallery Credit: Chris Sedenka

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