Maine Wildlife Park is offering virtual field trips through Zoom and YouTube and they will have you binge watching Maine's wildlife. I started with the "Maine's Busy Beavers" then poured an ice tea, turned off my T.V. and settled in for "Animals' Amazing Adaptations" and "Carnivores of Maine".

The Maine Dept of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife owns the park which is home to 30 wildlife species native to Maine. All of these animals have a story, and none of them are happy. Unable to return to life in the wild for reason such as: dependence on humans, injury and being orphaned, they now live in the wildlife park where they are adored by many visitors. Not only is it entertaining, but I've learned so much from these native animals about their lives.

Take a few minutes to watch this, you'll be hooked and run down the Maine Wildlife Park rabbit hole with me.

Only the keepers who care for the animals are in the park right now and from having animals of my own, I imagine they might miss their humans as well. I've been to the park many times with my kids' daycare center and summer camps and it is always a wonderful experience. Twenty five cents gets you a palm-full of feed and a friend for life. There is nothing like feeding a deer and we will return to visit as soon as it's safe to.

The episodes available to view now are:

Animals' Amazing Adaptations

Maine's Busy Beavers

Carnivores of Maine

Maine's Native Turtles

Maine's Small Animals

Coming soon:

Bird Adaptations

Amazing Animal Adaptations

Maine's Raptors

Thank you to the Maine Wildlife Park for doing such a great job bringing their animals to the public, we really do miss them.

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