Alayna Caricofe posted an outstanding video on Facebook recently and thankfully she made it public so we can all savor the rare scene.

According to her Facebook page she was at the 100 Mile Wilderness upta Monson, Maine last week when she captured this magical moment on video.

As the sun was rising for another day in Northern Maine, she was visited by beautiful bull moose quietly strolling across the pond.

Everything about this quick video is postcard perfect.

It's so great how she was able to get the colors of dawn painting a new masterpiece in the sky while the magnificent beast passes through.

We saw in the comments that someone suggested she get this to CBS for their Sunday Morning program.

"You need to send this into Sunday Morning! This would be an awesome piece for their end of show!!!!!! Wow"

We couldn't agree more. What a perfectly relaxing zen moment, we can only get from Maine.

The video has already received well over 300,000 views. Thanks for helping to calm an anxious world, Alayna.



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