Michael Bernard Beckwith says,

Pain pushes until the vision pulls you

Maine woman, Donna Jean had a vision and and it pulled her to do something that would eventually serve her in the biggest way. Donna is a TikToker and a video she recently posted gained her over 700,000 views. Grab the tissues because it's time to get deep.

Donna was adopted and like most children who are adopted, they eventually set out to find their birth parents.

Donna is now 47 years old and she is looking for her birth father.

At 18 years old, Donna found her birth mother and they now have a very close relationship. When they met, her mother said to her,

You are the missing piece.

She also had found out she had a younger sister. So with the help of her younger sister, they set out on a mission to find him. 

She told me her sister is a very good detective and after some work, was able to find who they assumed was her father.

Donna told me,

A lot of birth parents have such a difficult time moving past their shame and guilt to get to the other side.

Donna told me that by doing this, she felt as though she was checking something off the Universal list.

So she went on to compose a letter to her dad. This is a deeply emotional experience to have and it was raw, honest and filled with love, simply letting him know that she yearned to know him and hopefully have a relationship. Furthermore, she expressed the fact that she is not concerned with how their lives played out.

After she sent the letter, she hadn't heard anything back. She then went on vacation to Mexico. After 2 weeks had gone by, while on the plane heading home, she spoke to her sister and they chatted about how they hadn't gotten a response from him.

That evening, when arriving home, she saw a piece of mail. It was a letter, from him. As she took a breath and gently opened it, she felt, "this is it, you're really in it now."

She read the letter once, then again, and again and felt a sudden shift through the ether. This is very powerful because I believe their is a unspoken bond between birth parents and their children, not fully physical but deeply rooted in energy.

The letter from her Dad expressed that he is comfortable speaking openly and honestly, but needs some time and when he works up the courage, he will call her.

Donna wanted to share this online to be able to reach others that are dealing with the same situation and let them know that it is okay to be scared. It is okay to take a risk. Donna says,

Taking risks and being open can set you free.

The emotion that I am sure rushed through both of their minds and hearts must have been quite powerful. Donna wanted to share that power of emotion to others that may be building up the courage to do the same thing.

Here is Donna's TikTok video, reading her fathers letter.

"I'm adopted and located my father. This is his first communication to me."


You can feel the truth in his words. The honest reaction in hers and when he says to her,

Life is funny isn't it? If you are my kid, I love you.

I felt as though I could see the pure love in the form of a physical energy bond floating between the two of them.

He also said he hopes she understand that he is by no means, happy at how he handled the situation in the past. Then he asked questions about her life.

She hopes that she can have a conversation with him but will respect him and wait for when he is ready.

She is now doing just that, waiting.

She expressed to her father that she wants their connection to live in a safe space without judgment. Donna is a strong woman. When you're born, you assume that you will look up and see your parents and then that is who you will see you're whole life.

That is not the case for many. I believe family is fate and you build you're own, blood or not and it is never too late to multiple love. You can never have enough family.

We are rooting for Donna and if you want to be a part of Donna's journey, check out her TikTok here.

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