When I looked at the temperature on my phone's weather app this morning, I did a double take. Could it be I just read that it's 35 degrees out there?
Well after all, this is September 21 and it is the last day of summer in Maine. But, holy moly. Waking up to the 30s was not what I expected this morning.
Good God, not yet please.
With Fall creeping in over the past couple of weeks and it officially arriving tomorrow, I had to share this creative and funny 'Goodbye Letter' to summer.
You see there's a new love interest coming back to town named Autumn and we Mainers can all relate.

It is wonderfully written by Susannah Warner of Anson, Maine. When she's not penning love letters to the changing seasons, she works as a registered nurse at Redington Fairview General Hospital in Skowhegan.

My dearest Summer,
I think you deserve to know that Fall has been flirting with me...a lot. He keeps sending me selfies like this one, and I’m sure even you’d have to admit that he is very handsome. I’m a bit confused at this point about what’s going on with us, especially since your affections toward me have clearly cooled lately, and at times have been downright frosty. I really don’t think that I can continue with this sham of a relationship any longer.
But how I miss those days when you were so warm and sultry. Remember all the fun we had at the beach and the lake? Don’t you remember how much we loved gazing at the stars at night without a coat, and how wonderful it was to watch the sun come up without a winter hat on? Even my car has noticed how you’ve turned against me, and tells me to be careful, because ice is possible.
I just don’t know, I love you so much, in fact you always have been, and always will be my favorite season. But, Fall has promised me apple picking, pumpkin spice coffee, flannel shirts, cute scarves and boots, and he says I can start baking again! He says we can watch football on Sunday afternoons, and he also promised that I can post all the pictures of him I want! I know he’s a bit of a show-off and he’s likely only love bombing me, just to ghost me in a month, but I just can’t resist him, especially since you don’t even seem to care. I’ve decided to see where this relationship will lead, starting tomorrow. Please don’t tease me with 75 degree temps, and you’re fake “Indian Summer.” I know that you’ll do anything to win me back, but it won’t work this time. I’m so sorry it didn’t work out, but know that I’ll love you until my dying day, and that I will never forget our good times.
Love, Susannah.
Susannah Warner is also a gifted Maine photographer. You can follow her terrific work on her Spunkynoni Facebook page.

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