According to new data released, Maine spent more than 8 million dollars on Powerball tickets for the two biggest drawings in lottery history.

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According to the Bangor Daily News, Mainers reached deep into their pockets for the last two Powerball drawings in hopes of becoming billionaires. The Texas Lotto Report, which compiles figures showing what each state spends per drawing, showed that Maine residents spent roughly $3.5 million for last Saturday's drawing and then punched that number up another $1.1 million, spending $4.6 million on Powerball chances for Wednesday's drawing. Those are astounding numbers for a state not known for its money.

What's even more wild to think about is how many tickets that equals per person that lives in Maine. The Texas Lotto Report estimates that at the $4.6 sales figure, there was roughly 1.4 Powerball tickets sold per person in Maine. Unreal.

The spike in sales ends up being a boon for local retailers. They get to keep 5% of total sales which results in about $230,000. Information released from Maine's Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations said that Maine had two $50,000 winners from Falmouth and Kittery.

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