Peeps have branched out from Easter, now these weird marshmallow treats morph for all holidays and take every shape and color. I'll bet gray Peeps for Grandparents' Day are in the works. There are eight new flavors, how do you feel about that?


I sent my eight year old on a hunt for the new peeps at our neighborhood Shaw's. She found the Sour Cherry and lost her mind.

Sour Cherry Peeps

Honestly, Peeps are not my thing. But if they were, I would be sure to try the Party Cake Peeps. Party Cake not edgy enough for you? Maybe you feel like you've done it all when it comes to Peeps. Maybe you want to be surprised. Prepare to be surprised. There are three mystery flavors that you can only get at Walmart. You can guess the flavors and share your guess at #mysterypeeps.

Here are the new flavors for 2018:

Sour Cherry


Orange Sherbet Dipped in Fudge

Lemon Sherbet Dipped in Fudge

Pancakes and Syrup

Three Mystery Flavors!



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