You may have heard from the local news this week that there was a fire on Route 115 in Windham on Tuesday evening. The garage burned down and there is extensive smoke and water damage in the attached house. All belongings were lost as a result. My friends Travis Connolly and Nathaniel Brown lived there.

These guys are two of the kindest people you could ever meet. To hear that this had happened to them, broke my heart. They are both safe, but sadly Nate lost his two beloved cats Minion and Chester.

Not only are Travis and Nate roommates and best friends, they are also co-workers at Maine's Alternative Caring in Windham. We contacted the owner, Will Hawkins yesterday to see how we could be of assistance in this terrible situation.medical cann

He said they were organizing a fundraising effort as we spoke. Of course the best thing for their friends at the Blimp to do is get the word out.

Maine's Alternative Caring via Facebook
Maine's Alternative Caring via Facebook

Here's how we can all pull together in for Travis and Nate in Blimpville.

  1. You can donate in the store 7 days a week at 771 Roosevelt Trail in Windham.
  2. You can donate through the Maine's Alternative Caring Facebook Page.
  3. You can donate through their website at
  4. Maine's Alternative Caring is also donating all profits from Sunday's sales (5/12) to Travis and Nate for Emergency Aid/Fire Recovery.

Thank you. Your contribution means a lot to me. Love, Gu

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