According to WGME, stores that sell all items for just one dollar are hugely popular in Maine. There are actually more dollar stores in our state than Walmarts, McDonald's and Starbucks combined!

While other brick and mortar stores struggle to stay open, we just can't get enough dollar stores. In my neighborhood we have a Dollar Tree and a Dollar General. Dollar General isn't really a dollar store, but the term dollar store covers deep discount chains like Family Dollar, Dollar General and Dollar Tree.

I always hit up the dollar store for holiday gifts and decorations. While I'm there, I find my cart filling with craft stuff for my kids, cleaning supplies, shampoo, dog toys, windshield washing fluid and stuff that I didn't even know I needed. But hey, it's only a dollar, right? I can't get out of one of these stores for under $30 bucks.


If you want to make a kid crazy-happy, get them a gift card to one of these places! Dollar stores have lots of candy, toys and kids' craft supplies.

gift cards

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