I confess. I'm guilty of it sometimes too. There's not as much traffic on the road these days so, I tend to get a little overconfident behind the wheel.

I caught myself yesterday bombin' down the hill after the light changed on 302 near Riverside yesterday. Luckily, I caught me, and not the police.

Now is not the time to spend extra money for a speeding ticket. But even more important than that, we've got to slow down out there.

There's a false sense of security with more wide open roads around. Those emptier streets and highways appear to giving Maine drivers the greenlight to put the pedal to the metal.  And of course the ubiquitous 'other guy' is always a bigger threat than you and I...right? Well how about we make sure we're not  the 'other guy' right about now.

Here's an important warning from my local authorities that they posted today on the Westbrook Maine Police Department Facebook page.

''We want all you speed demons out there to know that we have PPE, we have adjusted, and we are stepping up our traffic enforcement efforts."

This message is targeted to residents of Westbrook like myself, but it's a problem I've certainly noticed in Portland as well. It probably safe to say that people are speeding more just about everywhere.

So let's spread the word to all the "speed demons out there". Wherever we live in Maine, the police are most likely onto us. Yeah I get it. It's a Iot easier to find yourself going faster than the speed limit when there's no one in front of you. But we know better. It's dangerous. I promise to slow down. Will you?

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