Every other time that I buy groceries I scan my debit card instead of putting it in the credit card chip reader. I thought that it wasn't a big deal, as usual I was wrong. Those cards are safe only if used the right way. If you swipe it instead, the merchant is responsible for any fraudulent charges. If you were using it at a little mom and pop store, they may not be able to cover major security breaches-then it falls on you. Because these card readers have to be certified by credit card companies to make sure they are working correctly, lots of places are still waiting to get certified! They were supposed to all be up and running by October 2015, but there is still up to a 6 month wait for stores to have their readers certified! If you are shopping with a chip card and the reader isn't working, pay in cash. If you have to swipe, make sure you monitor your account carefully for fraudulent charges!

Happy shopping.