My friend since childhood (brother really) Noel LeVasseur who many of you met here and on the radio earlier this year, would appreciate your help. He is asking craft beer enthusiasts to donate to an important cause.

Sadly, Noel was diagnosed with ALS last year. Happily, he has become an advocate for research and awareness of this terrible disease. His tireless courage and strength inspires me everyday.

It's no secret to most that Noel and I both love all the many Maine microbrews we are blessed to be able to choose from. Now one of our favorite breweries has stepped up to to help in the search for cure with Ales for ALS.

Bissell Brothers on Thompson's Point in Portland presents "A Study in Courage" IPA.


A dollar of every draft or pint sold will be donated to the ALS Therapy Development Institute in Boston. So let's get over there and drink some wicked awesome Bissell beer. It'll taste even better knowing you're helping Noel and all the other folks affected, win against ALS!