According to a News Center Maine article, not being able to to put earnings from the now legal Maine medical marijuana industry into a bank is putting cash-carrying business owners at risk for crime.

Banks are not allowing licensed marijuana shops to do business with them because of the threat of federal penalties, since the industry is still considered illegal under federal law.

Pot dispensaries are becoming big business in Maine, and will expand further when recreational goof goes legit next year. In the meantime, this $60 million dollar a year industry is seeing a crazy amount of crime because businesses don't have a safe place to put their money. People in Maine have been murdered during such robberies.

There is a bill pending in Congress that would create a loophole of sorts for banks dealing with Maine medical and recreational marijuana business.

Should Congress call off the dogs and let an industry that is recognized by the state as legal do business in a safe and professional manner? Comment on our Fan Page.

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