This news really hits home with us here at the Blimp. Our good friend and sportscaster Gary Tanguay took to Twitter with a video this week to share some difficult news with his fans. He has recently been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Gary of course touches on some New England sports and then eloquently explains what is going on with his health.

In this clip, he assures us with his golden voice that he is getting great care. Gary also wants us to have the heads up about his hair loss. He says that when we see him on NBC Sports Boston TV next time, "it will be completely gone."

Gary was a frequent guest on the WBLM Morning Show with the Captain and Celeste doing Patriots reports on Fridays a few years back. This was when he was the host of Pats Preview on the New England Patriots Radio Network.

When he was on with the Captain and Celeste, Gary often often proudly mentioned that he was born in Rumford and grew up rocking with the Blimp.

We are sending all our healing love and light to Gary from his home state.

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