Let's face it. Nobody really likes Mondays, especially after the heavenly weather we had over the weekend. Wasn't that amazing? Why can't we just leave work, go back home, sit the backyard some more, and listen to the birdies sing while enjoying the scent of the neighbor's barbecue grill wafting through the air. Yup. Every Monday we all say the same thing. The weekends are go by to damn fast.

Well to help ease your pain as we ramp up another work week, behold the impossible cuteness overload that is 2019 Summer Running of the Goats in Cumberland, Maine.

Here's more on the latest adorable video at Sunflower Farm.

"Everyone always asks where the mamas are when we do videos of just the kids, so this year we thought it would be fun to let the whole herd of 90...yes NINETY GOATS...run together. Happy Summer 2019!!! As herd animals, goats need other goats to be happy. They alert each other with a sneeze if there is a threat, they all run together for pure joy and a mama goat can recognize her kid's voice from up to a kilometer away, proof that their connection matters. For this reason, we only ever sell kids in at least pairs so they go with a friend and we love to watch the goats rest in big piles in the pasture four generations deep! Some people separate the kids from their mothers at birth, that would be inconceivable to us as watching them play together is a huge part of what we love about having goats. Be sure to look for the kids who jump on their mama's backs mid video. In the second part, we let the kids out for a little solo run. (This years group is so big it is hard to keep everyone going in the same direction so it took us quite some time to get them all safe a tucked into their stall after running! "


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