Many celebrities grace the Maine coastline with their presence, especially in the picture-perfect summer months. Even the rich and famous can't resist the fresh, delicious seafood and the gorgeous scenery and weather. Most of them will share lots of photos of their fun-in-the-sun vacations on Facebook and Instagram, which get reshared by their fans and local media outlets.

Martin Scorsese is one such celebrity -- a legend really -- to share pictures of himself and his family in Northeast Harbor. But, how many people knew he was here? Most Mainers would probably do a double-take if they saw Scorsese. After all, four generations of movie enthusiasts know his name very well. The 77-year-old highly acclaimed director posted six pics (below). He's rocking a light brown fedora in most of them. However, our absolute favorite is the picture of him and his wife Helen wearing their masks, as they sit outside a local restaurant after they've dined. Notice Scorsese's red and beige mask? Yes, those are lobsters. So totally Maine. Can we presume that he and Helen had lobster for lunch?

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