For many, COVID-19 started to feel like a thing largely of the past. The number of cases/transmission levels was down enough that masks started disappearing little by little. The workplace, the grocery store, restaurants, concert venues, schools, and airlines. But now, cases are back on the rise and businesses are responding with all too familiar mask requirements.

One of the most recent businesses to bring back a mask policy is the Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine.

This news came out just days ago on May 7th after Cumberland County was designated to have a high level of COVID-19 transmission by the Center for Disease Control. The mask policy went into effect on Monday, May 9th and the Museum states that it will be in effect through at least Friday, May 13th and they will continue to reassess as the CDC data is updated.

Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine via Facebook
Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine via Facebook

The rules state that masks are required for all visitors over the age of 2 as well as all staff while interacting with the public during open hours with the exception of theatre performers. Food and drink will be limited to the first-floor atrium or the outdoor playground area and lawn.

Also around Portland, mask policies are back in all city buildings. Up in Bangor masks are now required at Bangor International Airport. Acadia National Park is also requiring masks for those that enter park buildings.

And remember, it costs nothing to be kind. If you don’t want to wear a mask or if you don’t want your of age children to have to wear a mask, save the Museum visit for another time when masks become optional again.

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