If you won the lottery, would you give some of your winnings to your best friend?

I'm sure that answer is a lot easier when you do not actually win, but what if you did? Would you actually share?

Excluding blood relationships (parents, siblings, etc.) there is one person that will get a chuck of money if I ever win the lottery. I would assume he would do the same; that's how we operate.

I cannot say that I would ever share a large sum of money with anyone besides him, though.

Last April, 2022, a Massachusetts man, likely with no intentions of splitting the lottery with a friend of his, ended up vowing to do so just one hour before winning a million dollars.

Eric Cochrane took his son's guitar into The Guitar Garage in Methuen, Massachusetts. Because owner,John Galvin heard that Cochrane's son was having health issues earlier in the week, Galvin refused to let Cochrane pay for the repairs, according to a Boston.com article.

Cochrane insisted that Galvin take at least $40. Yet again, Galvin refused the money. The repairs were on the house.

That good deed did go unpunished. In fact, the good deed was very much rewarded.

Cochrane told the store owner, Galvin, that he was playing two $20 instant tickets, and "if I win $1 million, we are splitting it," according to the Massachusetts lottery release.

Well, that is exactly what happened.

An hour later, both Eric Cochrane and John Galvin headed to the Massachusetts Lottery headquarters to claim their winnings.

The one-time payment equated to $650,000, according to the Massachusetts Lottery release.

Whether you believe in karma or not, this story gives goosebumps.

This is such a great act of kindness by Galvin, and equally as good of an act by Cochrane for keeping his word and splitting the money.

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