While the soccer world continues to grasp the US’ dominating win to claim the Women’s World Cup, another even more dominating performance on the pitch took place halfway across the globe.

Vanuatu’s men soccer team squeaked by Micronesia, 46-0, in an Olympic qualifying match on Tuesday. And here you were thinking the US’ 5-2 win over Japan was a blowout. The score was 24-0 at halftime and the rout was on.

Micronesia coach Stan Foster summed it up best:

It was boys against men. It's just so hard at this early stage – this is kindergarten for us. Most of these [guys] have never been out of their villages let alone on to another island. I took them to Guam the other day [and it was] the first time they've been on an elevator or an escalator. It's been a huge step-up for these guys and they've just been overawed really."

And while Carli Lloyd emerged as America’s newest sports star with her hat trick in the final against Japan, her offensive outburst can’t hold a candle to Vanuatu’s Jean Kaltack, who racked up 16 goals in the match – that’s more than five hat tricks.

Vanuatu, by the way, is hardly an international soccer powerhouse. The squad is ranked 200th in the world by FIFA.

Micronesia is more than ready to put its showing at the Pacific Games behind it. It also lost 30-0 to Tahiti and 38-0 to Fiji, meaning it was outscored 114-0 in its three matches.

Kevin Darling is a journalist who was on hand for the thrashing and kept people up to date with the hard-to-believe results via Twitter. It definitely seems like one of those "you have to see it to believe it"-type of experiences.

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