As a public service to you, I will remind you that Mother's day is almost here,Sunday, May 10th!

I ran across this video and I want to share it with you. No matter what condition I am in, my daughters always take deep breaths of me when I hug them, and they almost always say, "Mommy you smell so good!" This video shows how children can identify their moms by a touch and a smell!

I felt the same way about my mom when I was little. As a matter of fact, for Mother's day I sometimes get her a bottle of her "going out" perfume, Channel Number 5. I'm not sure if I am buying it for her, or for for me. I also use Oil of Olay lotion because she used it and it's one of her scents. They say that your memories are most closely tied to your sense of smell and I really hope so. It's comforting to know that one day when she is not with me, I will be able to a take breath of her perfume and picture her sitting at her bedroom vanity, getting ready to go out in 1974.

What smell reminds you of your mom? Is it a perfume, a cooking smell, the smell of a horse, hair spray or wood fire? Share it with us on our Fan Page, or tweet #momsscent

Happy Mother's Day