The roads were glazed when I got off my shift at the Blimp last night and headed home in the CRV. The smart thing to do of course, is slow the hell down. So I took it easy leaving downtown.

This weekend though, riders will speed the hell up and go round and round as Xtreme Ice Racing returns to the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland.

They'll be racing on bikes, quads and more, going round-n-round on the slick frozen surface where the Maine Mariners play.


It's the Maine Motorsports Xtreme International Ice Racing Championships brought to us by our friends at General Dynamics/Bath Iron Works this Saturday, January 18 at 7pm. Tickets are 10 to 25 bucks.

If you are a Scout family, see the deal below that is good until tomorrow.

"Competitors from around the world, and some from Maine, will compete in what’s part of an ongoing series of racing events held around the country."

And it goes on to say that...  "There’s the speedway division, for the fastest bikes with no breaks and 2,000 tiny metal studs on their tires."

So if you're looking for some wild and crazy cold weather fun, check it out.

Here's some highlights from last year.



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