Those wonderful fur babies that are always happy to see us when we get home whether it's been 10 hours or 10 minutes, are the subject of exploration at the Museum of Science in Boston this February.

It was actually just thinking week how amazing our dogs make us feel when they cuddle up and give us a lick. I just love them soooooo much. The deeper question is...why?

What is the science between the connection of humans and dogs? The answers to that question and more are at a new interactive exhibit called "Dogs! A Science Tail".

They'll feature hands-on stations where you can experience how dogs sense the world around them and deepen our understanding of the incredible bond of people and dogs and their relationships to each other.

Throughout history they've been our loyal companions, helpers, and heroes. Do you love dogs like we love dogs? This certainly looks like this wicked fun exhibition will make us love them even more.

The opening day of this temporary special feature will be on Sunday February 9. Museum of Science members can go to a sneak peak on Saturday February 8.


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