According to C Net, Ben and Jerry's has created an ice cream flavor geared toward the casual hook-up. When you're getting together with your friends with benfits to Netflix and chill, you'll have your own special ice cream called Netflix & Chilll'd.

Maybe those casual nights don't require a five course meal, but you can at least get a girl a pint of ice cream. Ben & Jerry's is known for having their thumb on the pulse of American culture. Whether it's a band, politics or casual sex, they've got an ice cream for that.

Netflix & Chilll'd is peanut butter ice cream with pretzel pieces and bits of fudge brownies, blending the salty and sweet that so many of us love. I think our boys from Vermont may have accidently found the cure for P.M.S., get those hippies a Nobel Peace Prize.

There's good news and bad news; if you have a nut allergy you are S.O.L., but if you are lactose intolerant the light is green for their latest flavor, which will also be available dairy-free.

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