After years of self-medicating with Ben and Jerry's ice cream, I may find some true relief from what they plan to be the first CBD infused ice cream to hit grocery stores.

There is a way to go before CBD is legalized as a food ingredient by the FDA, but just as soon as it is Ben and Jerry plan on including it into some of their ice cream creations. Half Baked might become my second favorite flavor ;) Full Baked, Helloooo!

OK, first of all CBD does not get you baked, it also doesn't create dependency or tolerance. But it might help you in some pretty impactful ways.

Check out what lists as some of the benefits of CBD:

  • pain relief
  • relief from anxiety and depression
  • reduces inflammation
  • calms childhood epilepsy

These are just a few benefits. Ben and Jerry have never run away from controversy and have spoken up about their support of CBD. Where do you stand? Would you buy food infused with CBD? Comment on our Fan Page.


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