Party Time

First off, to be clear, no one is endorsing underage drinking here. I simply wish to highlight a shared experience by many New Englanders from the days of their youth. I’m talking pit parties. Woods parties. Middle of nowhere dirt road parties. Or sometimes the parents are out of town party in the house parties.

And we all know teenagers are idiots. I can say that as a former teenager. Idiots but creative idiots. As teens or even young 20s old enough to drink the knowledge of how to make a good cocktail was slim to none. Many relied on lite beers or a bit of creativity with the mixers at hand. Fairgrounds Pizza and Pub put together a concoction that is completely reminiscent of that period of our lives.


Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice is typically a broad label for a fruity mix of so many things you can’t taste the alcohol. It’s not unusual for Jungle Juice to be made in one of those big Gatorade coolers that you see on the sidelines of a football game and it was likely mixed with a yardstick. What makes Jungle Juice truly dangerous is the fact that it doesn’t taste like alcohol but fruit punch. Leading to that moment of standing up surprised thinking, “Wow, I am drunk.”

Fairgrounds Pizza & Pub made their Jungle Juice with classic Mountain Dew, a Kool-Aid Jammer (yes, the one in the pouch like a Capri-Sun), and Pink Whitney Vodka.

While I respect the concoction and can tell it’s absolutely delicious, my nearly 32-year-old self could never. Not because I’m too good for it, but because my body would simply reject it before dinner or happy hour was through.

But to my brave peers that are willing to endure the sugar shakes or my 21-year-old full of life friends, head to Fairgrounds Pizza and Pub and order yourself some Jungle Juice.

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