Usually, I don't go near the thermostat at my house until at least after Columbus Day. I tell ya what though. Lately, there's been a familiar chill in the air that we haven't felt for months.

It gets very tempting to turn the heat on. Just after the sun goes down and all our windows are still open, that chill gets in ya bones.

Sure it's great to have 'em open and let that fresh fall air in when it's still fairly warm during the day. But when the night comes, boy doesn't the temp drop some awful quick.

Luckily for now after we get the house all sealed shut, we are able to keep it right around 68 or 70. Checked it this morning too and she stayed right there. Guess our house is pretty well insulated.

Now that the first day of Autumn has arrived, bringing us fairly warm days and colder nights, it's tough to agree with the rest of the family on when it's really time to fire up the boiler...right?

The struggle is real for everyone in Blimpville year after year. How long can we go without turning the heat on?

New Hampshire humorist and musician Fred Marple of the underappreciated town of Frost Heaves has a funny song for us 'thermostat controllers' in the family.

With his guitar, Fred sings and laments "It's Too Soon to Put the Heat On".

If you're still cold in my house, put a freakin' hoodie on, bub.

I'm the Dad. It ain't cold in here until I say it is.

And besides..."The layered look, it works for you."

By the way, this was initially released in 2012. Fred just put it back out for the 2020 season with better audio.

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