One of the coolest things that I stumbled upon for my kids this week was "NASA at Home". NASA has the most amazing website and they are as much about teaching as they are about learning.

If your kid is whining about being bored then plop them down with the NASA site and watch their little brain expand. Projects and assignments are available for kids of all ages and the information is totally compelling.

A few things to check out:

  • Learn about robots that explore space
  • Make a moon journal
  • Watch videos about landing on Mars
  • Observe Earth's changing seasons from space
  • Augmented reality apps make you feel like you are in the room with a NASA spacecraft as you look at it
  • Lesson plans in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
  • There are chances to interact and chat with NASA scientists too.

There's also a NASA in All 50 States section. Fun Facts about Maine and NASA:

  • Maine will be in the "path of totality",  meaning prime viewing area, for the 2024 solar eclipse.
  • NASA's airborn science laboratory that measures snowfall from space launched from Bangor.
  • Many researchers and students at Maine colleges have contributed to NASA discoveries.
  • Two astronauts are from Maine; Jessica Meir and Charles Hobaugh.
  • U.S. Navy members at Brunswick Naval Air Station were instructors in 2004 for NASA astronaut survival training.


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