The Lakes Region in New Hampshire is known for its beautiful lakes and spectacular water and mountain views.  Waterfront homes have escalated in price to over $1 million due to the popularity of these pristine lakes and views.

There is one lake in the Granite State which stands out as not only beautiful, but also the cleanest lake in New Hampshire, and one of the most pristine lakes in the entire country.

You would think this lake would be desolate and in the middle of nowhere, not to be destroyed by humans.  However, it's not far from all the hustle and bustle you need from the nearby Lake Winnipesaukee regions.  Restaurants and shopping are not far, but the lifestyle can be as quiet as you want on this lake.

Hiking, boating, fishing, and swimming are more enjoyable when you know you are in one of the most unspoiled lakes in America.

Eli Wilson/Getty Images
Eli Wilson/Getty Images

That's what lake life is like for the residents and vacationers around Newfound Lake.  The lake is fed by eight freshwater springs in undeveloped lands surrounding the lake, which makes it so pristine, according to

It's also one of the deepest lake in the state, at over 183 feet deep in some parts. With 22 miles of shoreline, Newfound Lake remains untouched, as people who visit or live on the lake respect the unspoiled waters. says Newfound Lake ranks as the 9th cleanest lake in the United States, comparing the New Hampshire treasure to the famous Flathead Lake in Montana, and Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

There are a few Airbnb's available on the lake, but no hotels, so unless you know someone who owns a lake house, Newfound Lake may be a great day trip.  It's worth it.

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