Would the Celtics scoop up Adam Sandler as a fourth guard to throw at Trae Young? Hey, it’s six more fouls – and we know The Waterboy can tackle.

In the meantime, the Manchester, New Hampshire, native recently kept his skills sharp by playing against students at Canisius College before his show in Buffalo, New York. According to WIVB, Sandler stayed on-brand by telling students to call him Adam instead of “Mr. Sandler” – and by getting lost when he tried to find his way back to the gym.

Canisius College via Facebook
Canisius College via Facebook

Sandler also posed for pictures with students before vanishing as quickly as he had arrived.

Fresh off receiving the prestigious Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in Washington D.C., Sandler once scrimmaged with students at Boston University, and has made basketball a staple of many of his films (so much so, perhaps he should put in a bid on this New Hampshire firehouse that comes with its own full-size basketball court – and feels like it’s right out of one of his movies).

Most recently, he appeared in the Netflix film Hustle, in which he plays a scout-turned-advocate for an overseas prospect (and chats it up with the likes of Boston Celtics President Brad Stevens.) And in 2019, he appeared alongside Celtics great Kevin Garnett in the widely acclaimed Hidden Gems.

In the locally shot Grown Ups, Sandler again turned to hoops for the film’s final sequence (alongside Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider), his pièce de resistance has to be setting Bill Walton’s hair on fire in the under-appreciated 2000 film Little Nicky.

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